Foundations, Part I

Jazz is a lesson in building foundations. The glory and joy that come from seeing music flow out from under your fingers. The strenuous deliberation in the unplanned, the spontaneous. The 10,000 hours that go into five minutes of freeform piano. The knowledge of how much work, how much foundation building, goes into the riff. It’s the foundational chords and how you internalize them into newness that make up the artist.

Business is no different, in my mind. Anything can be an art form, if done with intention and prayerful vigilance to the morality of your medium. I stepped away from my first career a month and a half ago, and as I speedily step into the ambiguity of the present and future, it’s important to me to take the time to codify the foundations of what I have learned over the last seven years. I believe that everything is connected, and there are invisible ties that unite everything we do and say and think and use and learn. It’s important to me to deliberately record the foundations of one aspect of life in order to recognize the boundaries and limitations of this one aspect, as well as the flexibilities and similarities between others. So I can continue to move forward into that ambiguity with strong foundations to better be able to observe the commonalities and limitations of every other unknown industry and form that collides with my known.

You cannot riff without the foundational chords. The following are the stories of my foundations, so as to create even larger and more colorful riffs.

How to Build a Community Space
Growing into a Female Leader
My Next Steps: Culture + $$

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