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Hi, I’m Lindsey. I’m an avid cyclist, dogged creator of efficient systems, an urban and experiential design student, relentless self-improver, and very early riser.

I recently left my day-to-day role as Co-Founder and COO at Impact Hub Seattle to explore a few different areas, particularly commercial real estate development in affordable housing + consumer waste management and recycling.

The topics you’ll find on this blog reflect the multi-faceted components that come from co-founding a space whose sole purpose is to equip individuals with the tools they need to reach their most impact possible – with some random tangents along the way!


The most written-about categories on this blog can be described as the following:

Impact Hub: My day job for seven years was a mixture of property manager, chief operating officer, content creator, commercial real estate broker, strategic vision-er, manager and leader, and community builder. I write about a lot of my learnings here!

Systems & Tools: I’m a huge systems-thinking nerd. What does that mean? That I’m constantly refining and tuning my systems so I spend more time on the things I want to spend time on, and outsource the things that I don’t want to spend time on. I talk a lot about delegation and reflection here.

Community: Community is incredibly important, because communities create culture, and culture facilitates individual behavioral change – the only tool to sustainably create large-scale change. I write and talk to large groups about this topic quite a bit.

Leadership: A leader’s role is to empower individuals to be more successful. I write about doing this through transparency, feedback loops, working myself out of a job, illustrating vulnerability while staying emotionally constant, sharing power and responsibility, and having fun while you’re working.

Building a Business: Building a business is hard, but we make it harder with our nuances. The ingredients you need for your business to succeed are pretty simple: you need to create a product or service that is designed with a real human problem in mind that ideally comes about organically, you need to own that product niche, and you need to sell to the right people. I write more about that here.

Urban Design: Cultural and socio-economic diversity is crucial to forming a thriving community and economy. Our public spaces and our housing options largely shape what type of experiences we have in our city. I write quite a lot about Impact Hub’s role in community space as well as successful urban design case studies (particularly in Pioneer Square) here.

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